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Fourth Round of Danube Region Networking

Like planets drifting apart, it seems, the Eastern European countries are increasingly isolating themselves from the values of a united Europe. Media pluralism, which is important for democratic stability, has been badly restricted in the Eastern countries in recent years. This affects above all the civil society participatory media. A large community media scene has been forced onto the internet, FM frequencies have been withdrawn, funding has been stopped.

For danube streamwaves project partners, it is important to stay in contact and intensify networking, especially in the current situation. Radio free FM, Ulm (D), Radio FRO, Linz (AT), Civil Radio, Budapest (H) have integrated new partners Eper Radio, Budapest (H) and podcast.rs Novi Sad (SRB) into their network to empower each other and exchange best practices.

Featured202306may9:3016:009:30 - 16:00(GMT+02:00) Binaural Spatial Audio Workshop3 dimensional audio productionTypeWorkshopLanguageEnglish

202306may16:0017:0016:00 - 17:00(GMT+02:00) danube streamwaves soundmaplive talk along the danubeOnAirUlm 102,6 MHz TypeLive BroadcastingLanguageEnglish

202307may9:0011:009:00 - 11:00(GMT+02:00) Soundmaping Toolstool analysisTypeWorkshopLanguageEnglish

202307may11:0013:0011:00 - 13:00(GMT+02:00) Next steps to danube streamwaves soundmappartner meetingTypeWorkshopLanguageEnglish

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They want to counter polarisation and as such reach out to activists from the cities as well as to the population in rural areas. The Danube as a connecting link is a source of ideas. Audio geocaches that can be called up on a sound map are the playful element that encourages the discovery of other cultures and topics. The sound map is intended to be a tool that can be used both collectively and individually with local partners in public relations activities or as a journalistic publication. The ideas for audio geocaches range from audio sounds of Danube waste collection actions to temporary audio exhibitions about sunken ships off Belgrade.

The kick-off meeting will take place with a binaural workshop from 05 to 07 May 2023 in Ulm.

Funded by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung.

Baden-Württemberg Stiftung