Community Media in Europe

Fourth Round of Danube Region Networking

Celebrating 25 years on air is not something to be taken for granted. To mark Radio FRO’s anniversary, we look beyond Austria’s borders and discuss the challenges and prospects of community media in Europe with our colleagues.

In Hungary in particular, you can see what happens when freedom of the press and freedom of expression are increasingly curtailed and free community radio stations lose frequencies and have to switch to the internet. In Serbia, free radio like in Austria is not even possible. That’s why we have to be all the more vigilant in Austria when it comes to dealing with critical media,

Michael Diesenreither, Radio FRO


  • Vladimir Radinović – Community Media Forum Europe
  • Jovanna Tipunović –
  • Ákos Cerháti, Civil Radio Budapest
  • Tamás Jamriskó, Radio EPER, Budapest
  • Sabine Fratzk, Radio free FM, Ulm und Bundesverband freier Radios e. V.

Moderation: Marina Wetzlmaier

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live from Servus Clubraum at Stwst Stadtwerkstatt, Linz and on Air over Online Stream:

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