Improve FRN

After decades of old school html look Felix Sperandio, motivated by congress Zukunftswerkstatt Community Media #zwcm2020 has freed Free Radio Net (FRN) from the old layout and catapulted it into the mobile age with the help of bootstrap4. Not enough he pushed the code up to git of the free radios. A huge progress!

We went on and asked our favorite designer Kathrin from Bootschaft to do some UI / UX design for danube streamwaves digital project. In December, we were able to present her proposal at the first portier meeting on 17.12.2020.

FRN thus has received further advantage: The articles are now displayed in 2 columns design on desktop. Portieres can now upload a logo of their radio which is displayed if no post image was uploaded.

  • Basic layout (slide 3 and 7 above) is implemented.
  • Image upload option will be promoted more clearly when uploading.
  • If no images are uploaded, the logos of the broadcasters are displayed as default.
  • The filter concept will be revised.
  • The Create Podcast Feed section will be better described.
  • Static pages could be implemented in future according to slide 2.
  • Footer and graphics (slides 7 and 8) possibly if time is available.
  • Registration page (slide 6) is currently not necessary. The user group is not dynamic.
  • Opener pages (slide 1) will not be implemented: The focus of the use is still exchange among each other. With Frontpage users constantly have to click twice and the page becomes slower.