LOHROthek demo is up

The LOHROthek manages editorial content and provides information for other tools. LOHROthek differs between single entries, like an interview, and episodes of a series. LOHROthek thus detachs itself from the fixed framework of a linear broadcast schedule and enables presentation of information for non-linear podcasts. LDAP facilitates user management. Metadata such as keywords and categories can be stored.

For radio administration, production, broadcast and repeat dates can also be specified and a broadcast schedule can be generated. Errors in the broadcast schedule are immediately displayed to the user.

The LOHROthek has been in use at Radio LOHRO since September 2020. The front-end Thekno visibly maps part of the data on the web.

Take a look behind the scenes yourself: The demo server is up and running. Visit https://demo.lohrothek.dev.lohro.de to put LOHROthek through its paces.